Vision and Mission


We are dedicated to establishing a comprehensive and interconnected security framework, unifying both the formal and informal security apparatus present within our state. Our primary focus will be on proactive security measures, prioritizing early detection and prevention of potential threats. Intelligence gathering will be enhanced through active community participation, fostering a collective sense of responsibility in ensuring a secure environment. By raising awareness about the paramount importance of a safe and protected society, we seek to empower individuals to take charge of security-related concerns. Together, we will foster a culture where the people actively engage and take ownership of safeguarding our community.


We are committed to establishing a comprehensive regulatory framework that will effectively harness the vast potential and maximize the utilization of the solid mineral deposits present in Kogi State. Our objective is to create an environment conducive to optimum gains and strategic utilization of these valuable resources. Through the implementation of government policies specifically designed to facilitate the exploration of crude oil deposits within our state, we aim to unlock new opportunities for economic growth and development. By fostering a supportive ecosystem, we will pave the way for the realization of Kogi State's untapped potential in the energy sector.

Youth Empowerment

Our mission is to ensure equitable access to quality education for every Kogi indigene, irrespective of their tribal affiliations, enrolled in primary, secondary, polytechnic, and university institutions within Kogi State. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive support through educational bursaries, free Jamb, WAEC, and NECO exams. By removing financial barriers, we strive to empower our youth with the necessary tools and opportunities to succeed academically.Furthermore, we recognize the importance of youth engagement in governance and decision-making processes. To amplify the voices of our young population, we will establish a dynamic youth advisory council and actively promote the representation of young individuals in key decision-making bodies. Through these initiatives, we aim to foster a culture of civic management, where the ideas and perspectives of our youth shape the future of our great state.


We are committed to prioritizing the health sector by substantially increasing its budgetary allocation to reflect its crucial significance in our society. Our aim is to address the pressing issue of maternal and child mortality rates by ensuring the availability of well-equipped medical facilities, an adequate number of doctors and nurses, and creating an environment that discourages the loss of these skilled professionals to other regions. We recognize the importance of providing competitive remuneration and favorable working conditions to retain our healthcare workforce and enhance their commitment to delivering quality care. Through these measures, we strive to make significant strides in improving the overall healthcare outcomes and well-being of our citizens.


Our vision encompasses the promotion of a comprehensive agricultural transformation agenda, wherein we pledge unwavering support to our esteemed farmers. We are dedicated to facilitating their access to state-of-the-art farming techniques, advanced irrigation systems, and cutting-edge mechanized farming equipment. Additionally, we recognize the immense value of investing in value-added processing industries, as they serve as pivotal catalysts in unlocking the true potential of our agricultural sector. By harnessing these initiatives, we aim to not only stimulate economic growth but also generate abundant employment opportunities within the agricultural domain.


- Improve transportation networks, Enhance power generation and distribution, Water Supply and Adequate Waste Management, Expand access to high speed internet and Reintroducing the bus shuttle for a subsidized amount for Student and civil servants.


Developing of Mount Patti, Enhance Tourism Infrastructure, Promote Kogi State as a Tourist Destination and Community Engagement and Empowerment.
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Alhaji Muritala Ajaka

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Why Choose Our TEAM

1. Security

Enhancing Border Security and Control, improve training and equipment & Combatting Kidnapping and Banditry: We will Collaborate with neighboring states & Strengthen border surveillance, establish collaborative frameworks with neighboring states to enhance information sharing, joint patrols, and intelligence exchange, creating a coordinated effort to tackle cross-border crime. Also, invest in training programs, modern equipment, and technology for law enforcement agencies to enhance their capabilities in crime prevention, investigation, and response.

2. Economy

Partnership with the federal government and private sectors to achieve the aged long dream of launching Nigeria into the industrial world by activating and bringing to operation the Ajaokuta steel, dredging of the river Niger to Lokoja. Also, Foster cluster strategy for expansion of local industries

3. Youth Empowerment

Create Avenue for all talents to practice, master their craft & passion like Individual laptops for students in technology departments & other faculties to follow suit, Rec centers (modern soccer fields, basketball courts, community swimming pools, Gymnasiums, ICT &Tech Hubs, Music & film studios / theaters, Libraries, laboratories, play grounds etc.

4. Health Care

Strengthen mobile healthcare services and Enhance primary healthcare services: We will deploy mobile healthcare units to reach remote areas, providing medical check-ups, preventive care, and essential healthcare services to the elderly and adults who have limited access to healthcare facilities. We will prioritize recruitment, training, and retention of healthcare professionals, ensuring adequate staffing and also expertise in geriatric care.

5. Agriculture

Promote agricultural transformation: We will support farmers through access to modern farming techniques, improved irrigation systems, and mechanized farming equipment. We will also invest in value-added processing industries to maximize the potential of our agricultural sector and create employment opportunities.

6. Infrastructure

Improve transportation networks: the abundant resources of Kogi state as an agrarian mineral deposit-rich state can only achieve its full potentials where there are good roads , We will invest in the development of road networks, local airport / Landing strip, bridges, and transportation infrastructure, connecting different parts of the state (rural areas with cities, and facilitating the movement of goods and services. This will boost trade, reduce transportation costs, and attract investors.

7. Tourism

Enhance Tourism Infrastructure and Services: Kogi state is home to the confluence of the two great African rivers (Niger and Benue) meeting at Lokoja the state capital, doubt blessed with tourist attractions which are both natural and manmade.

Let's win For Kogi

In this Mission, our leader strives to create an
environment where every individual, regardless of their
location or socio-economic status, can thrive and
contribute to the progress of our society. By embracing
inclusive leadership principles and prioritizing
sustainable development, our leader envisions a future
where no one is left behind, and all citizens have access
to quality education, healthcare, infrastructure, and
economic opportunities.